ACSWA members have offices that span the entire continental United States. These locations are close to many federal research laboratories and university research centers that facilitate collaboration with many scientists and provide access to a wealth of scientific information. Wherever you are located there is likely an ACSWA member with an office in a state near you that can service your space weather needs. A list of ACSWA members and their corporate headquarters is provided below for your convenience.


AER logo Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)
Lexington, Massachussetts
ASTRA_logo_small.jpg Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA)
Boulder, Colorado
CRC_logo_small.png Carmel Research Center (CRC)
Santa Monica, California
CPI_logo_small.jpg Computational Physics Inc. (CPI)
Springfield, Virginia
EXPI_logo_small.png Exploration Physics International (EXPI)
Huntsville, Alabama
PlanetIQ_logo_small.png PlanetIQ, LLC
Bethesda, Maryland
Golden, Colorado
PredSci_logo_small.png Predictive Sciences, Inc.
San Diego, California
Q-Up_Now_logo_small.png Q-up Now
Logan, Utah
SEC_logo_small.png Science Environment Corporation (SEC)
Providence, Utah
SET_logo_small.jpg Space Environment Technologies (SET)
Pacific Palisades, California
SpaceServicesInc_logo_small.png Space Services Holdings, Inc.
Houston, Texas
SAC_logo_small.jpg Storm Analysis Consultants (SAC)
Duluth, Minnesota
Space Hazards Applications (SHA)
Golden, Colorado