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The American Commercial Space Weather Association (ACSWA) is an association of companies that promotes space weather risk mitigation for critical national infrastructure related to national daily life, economic strength, and national security. ACSWA, as an association and in conjunction with its member companies, is playing a vital role by identifying important data and technology gaps that can be filled by private or government actions and by developing value-added products and services for the benefit of human and property safety as well as for vibrant commerce. Learn More About ACSWA


U.S. agencies take stock of what it would take to transition space weather research into an operational system that could forecast solar events with more precision and advance warning than is possible now. News

Space weather needs more attention experts say during a recent NOAA conference. Total economic impact in the first year alone from a solar storm could reach $2 trillion. News

A recent article describes the potential impact of solar storms on power networks, pipelines, radio communications, and GPS. News

ACSWA participated in the Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, CO, April 15-19, 2013. Since then ACSWA has attended every ANNUAL Space Weather Workshop in Colorado, every spring including the most recent one in Boulder in April 2019. Some examples from the 2013 Space Weather Workshop are presented below.  

ACSWA presents short course on Services in the Commercial Sector at the 93rd American Meteorological Society (AMS) Meeting. News

Read about the formation of ACSWA: News